Rooftop Cleaning

Invasive growths can damage roofs. But so can DIY growth removal.

Look, nobody’s complaining about the prohibition of asbestos from construction material, but asbetos’s use in shingling and other roofing materials did help fight exterior fungal growth. Modern, asbestos-free roofing material varies widely in quality, but much of it begins breaking down within as little as four or five years, leaving your roof prone to the blight and stain of invasive growths.

Exterior Clean Team has the tools, training, and know-how to quickly and completely remove unsightly stains and dangerous growths from the roofs of your home or business.

Your property is an investment. Protect it.

We can get rid of the growths that can destroy roofing systems, including:

  • Mildew – A common fungal growth, mildew is prevalent in areas with less exposure to the sun, and it gets worse with time, causing unpleasant odors and various health problems.
  • Mold – A close cousin of mildew, mold also appears in areas shaded from the sun. Its stain is most often black or green, and it can also cause mild to serious health problems.
  • Black algae – These unsightly streaks of black growth are among the most common blights on roofs, especially in humid environments. What’s worse, their spores spread through the air, leaving your neighbors vulnerable too.
  • Moss – The bright green growth appears like a carpet on your roof, and is a problem anywhere there is dampness and shade. As it grows, its roots break apart your roof and the longer it’s been there, the more significant the damage. Careful, professional moss removal is the safest way to halt and reverse damage.
  • Lichen – These circular, greenish growths can appear on sidewalks, decks, and outdoor furniture, but they are especially damaging to roofs. This invasive organism is a syncretism of fungus and algae. Its coarse texture and firm grip on surfaces make it extremely difficult to fully remove.

That’s not all Exterior Clean Team
can do for you.

Wood Cleaning

Exterior Clean Team can restore and protect your wood fences, decks, porches, and more.

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Concrete, Asphalt, etc.

Oil and fuel stains, soil stains, invasive growths — we can remove them in an eco-friendly way.

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Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters protect your home or business from water damage. Exterior Clean Team can carefully clear them.

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