Fences, Decks & Porches

Maintaining wood that’s exposed to the outdoors is no easy task, but it is a vital one.

Your porch and your picket fence are often the first thing people see of your home. Your deck is where you like to entertain. Maintaining their beauty not only raises the value of your home, it leaves an impression on neighbors and guests as well. And, if these structures are made of wood, the consequences of poor maintenance can be even more dire. The same moisture responsible for mold and algae on other surfaces also causes wood to rot. As more moisture enters the wood, expanding and contracting with temperature changes, it splinters the wood panels apart.

A 2015 analysis by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission found nearly 5,000 emergency room visits in the previous decade were directly related to collapsing decks, and another 2,000 to porch failures. Not only will we clean and beautify your wood exteriors, we’ll also include a post-cleaning sealant to keep moisture out and your decks, porches, and fences safe and strong for years to come.

Exterior Clean Team can keep your fences, decks, and porches beautiful and safe by:

  • Cleaning your wood – We clean wood decks, porches, and fences, hardwood or softwood, with the appropriate pressure, using products that are safe not just for your wood but for your plants, pets, and children too.
  • Strengthening your wood – We can strip your old sealer and apply a new, post-cleaning coat to keep future moisture out, extending the life and the safety of your deck or porch.
  • Maintaining your wood – After your initial treatment, we can set up regular maintenance every two to three years to repeat the process, so your deck or porch always looks new.

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