Your company’s vehicles are moving advertisements for your business, reflecting your company’s image out to the world.

We’ll make your vehicles shine.

Not only is it bad to have a dirty fleet of vehicles with your name on them out on the roads, it’s less safe, too. Keeping all mirrors and windows clear of dirt and debris ensures your drivers have a clear view of their surroundings, and since light reflects off of clean cars better than cars covered in dust and dirt, everyone else has a clearer view of them, as well. Plus, keeping your fleet clean extends the duration of their working life by removing corrosive dirt, salt, and oils that gather from the road over time and wear down parts.

Our high pressure hot water system with environmentally friendly cleaning solution is perfect for cleaning and keeping clean your whole automotive fleet. We can schedule regular, on-site visits to clean your fleet of tow trucks, buses, construction equipment, vans, taxis, cars, or whatever other vehicles represent your business on the lot or out in the field.

Our automotive cleaning service is perfect for:

  • Tow truck fleets
  • Construction companies
  • Taxi fleets
  • Ride sharing programs
  • Food delivery teams
  • New and used car lots
  • Moving companies
  • Car rental companies
  • Private and public transportation departments